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List all registers

Name Notation Description Status
  root Register representing the root of the registry tree. stable
  Structure structure Code lists used to aid organizing and presenting the Environm... stable
  UI ui Codes and concepts used to guide the presentation of the regi... stable
  Definitions def Code lists, concept schemes and other collections in the regi... stable
  System register system Internal registers which are used to control system operation stable
  bulk collection types bulkCollectionTypes System register describing the data types which can be upload... stable
  Link definitions links A system register which lists all link definitions which the ... stable
  prefixes prefixes System register containing the prefix mappings used in serial... stable
  typed templates typed-templates System register containing collection of templates which can ... stable
  form templates form-templates System register containing a collection of form templates whi... stable
  Organizations org Codes used to identify each organization in the DEFRA family. experimental
  Category category Codes used to classify collections in the registry, based on ... experimental
  Entity type entity-type Codes used to describe the type of entity that a code list is... experimental
  Water quality water-quality Collection of code lists related to water quality stable
  Sampling Mechanisms sampling_mechanisms Mechanism by which the sample was taken experimental
  Sampling Point Types sampling_point_types Description for the type of sampling Point. experimental
  EA organization ea-organization Collection of code lists related to Environment Agency organi... stable
  EA Areas ea_areas Areas of the Environment Agency.The Environment Agency is div... experimental
  Catchment planning catchment-planning Collection of code lists related to catchment planning stable
  River Basin Districts RiverBasinDistrict The river basin is the geographical area from which all surfa... experimental
  MMO Experimental mmo-experimental Collection of code lists experimentally published by MMO as p... experimental
  MMO Topic Category topic-category Experimental representation of MMO Topic Category list mapped... experimental
  MMO Data Theme data-theme Experimental representation of MMO Data Themes mapped to Topi... experimental
  medin medin Collection of medin-maintained codelists stable
  NE NE Collection of Natural England managed codes experimental
  EA EA Collection of Environment Agency managed codes experimental
  MMO MMO Collection of Marine Management Organisation managed codes experimental
  CEFAS CEFAS Collection of CEFAS managed codes experimental
  DEFRA DEFRA Collection of DEFRA managed codelists experimental
  JNCC JNCC Collection of JNCC managed codelists experimental
  Test Area test Area used for testing and pre-flighting, do not use in produc... stable
  Data Standards data-standards Vocabularies used in publishing various data standards experimental
  Standard code vocabulary code-vocab Data model for Environment Agency Data Standard codes experimental