Bathing Water Quality Data

This dataset covers water quality at coastal sites in Wales, collected under the terms of the European Bathing Water Directive by Natural Resources Wales (NRW). Water samples are taken at designated bathing water sites each week from May to September. An analysis of these sample results over four years produces an annual water quality classification for each bathing water.

In 2014, all of the bathing waters in Wales were compliant under the Bathing Water Directive. This is the best overall result in the UK.

The Welsh bathing water quality data is available through an API, and is openly licensed under the Open Government Licence . We also provide an application to allow you to explore elements of the data via the profile held on each bathing water, and a widget application which allows you to put a live feed of bathing water quality information on your own web site.

Bathing water quality API

The data model underlying the API, expressed in Linked Data, includes:

  • bathing waters and their features
  • weekly sample results
  • annual classifications
  • short-term (24h) pollution predictions
  • step change investments
  • abnormal situations

The data may be accessed in a variety of formats, including JSON, Turtle, HTML and XML. It is freely available without requiring registration.



Bathing water profiles app

This application allows you to find designated bathing water sites in Wales, and drill down into weekly and annual water quality results, pollution forecasts and other aspects of the underlying data.


Bathing water widgets

This application allows you to customise a live feed of water quality data for a given bathing water site, or all of the sites in a given area, and display that feed on your own web site.


SPARQL query console

Use the SPARQL query console to run queries directly against the NRW bathing-water data store.