Measures data for Plym Operational Catchment

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A measure is an action taken to help achieve an environmental objective in the river basin management plan. Measures are usually delivered through wider programmes of work such as the government’s Rural Development Programme, the Water Industry National Environment Programme, or the Environment Agency’s Environment Programme.

Summary programmes of measures

The river basin management plan contains a summary of the programmes of measures needed to achieve the environmental objectives in the river basin district. The draft plan sets out the measures already confirmed and suggests additional measures that are likely to be required but are not yet confirmed.

You can view details and background of the summary programmes of measures in section 5 of the summary of the draft river basin management plans. You can download the summary programmes of measures below. We recommend reading the context and description of these downloads in sections 5.7 and 5.9, prior to viewing.

Catchment partnership pages

Each catchment partnership has identified the priority measures that will be implemented in the catchments they lead on. Some of these measures are reflected in water body specific objectives by 2027 others are focused on broader catchment outcomes. Catchment partnerships also describe what more could be achieved for the future by finding solutions to overcome the main barriers identified.

You can view the priority measures identified by the catchment partnerships on this data explorer. To access your local catchment partnership page, click on the appropriate management catchment on the river basin district page and then scroll down to the catchment partnership page link, below the 'Data' section. These partnership pages are only available on the draft plan consultation view of CDE, so ensure this is selected at the top of the page, under the heading