Sidmouth-Honiton, Mercia Mudstone Water Body

Good overall status


  • Water Body IDGB40802G802800
  • Water Body TypeGroundwater Body
  • Hydromorphological designationnot applicable
  • NGRST1586001743
  • Surface area113.247 km2
  • Surveillance Water BodyNo
  • Groundwater area11324.67 ha


Classification Item2019
Overall Water BodyGood
Quantitative Status elementGood
Quantitative Dependent Surface Water Body StatusGood
Quantitative GWDTEs testGood
Quantitative Saline IntrusionGood
Quantitative Water BalanceGood
Chemical (GW)Good
Chemical Status elementGood
Chemical Dependent Surface Water Body StatusGood
Chemical Drinking Water Protected AreaGood
Chemical GWDTEs testGood
Chemical Saline IntrusionGood
General Chemical TestGood
Supporting elements (Groundwater)
Prevent and Limit ObjectiveActive
Trend AssessmentNo trend

Why do all water bodies have a chemical status of fail?

Investigations into classification status

No data to show

Reasons for not achieving good (RNAG) and reasons for deterioration (RFD)

All reasons (RFDs and RNAGs) attributed to the classification elements in this water body.

Reason TypeSWMIActivityCategoryClassification ElementMore information

Reasons for not achieving good status by business sector

The issues preventing waters reaching good status and the sectors identified as contributing to them. The numbers in the table are individual counts of the reasons for not achieving good status with a confidence status of 'confirmed' and 'probable', where the latest classification is less than good status. There may be more than one reason in a single water body. Note, table does not include reasons for deterioration.

Significant water management issuePhysical modificationsPollution from waste waterPollution from towns, cities and transportChanges to the natural flow and level of waterInvasive non-native speciesPollution from rural areasPollution from abandoned mines
Agriculture and rural land management0000000
Mining and quarrying0000000
Urban and transport0000000
Water Industry0000000
Local & central government0000000
Domestic general public0000000
Waste treatment and disposal0000000
No sector responsible0000000
Sector under investigation0000000


Classification ItemStatusYearReasons
Overall Water BodyGood2015
Quantitative Status elementGood2015
Quantitative Dependent Surface Water Body StatusGood2015
Quantitative GWDTEs testGood2015
Quantitative Saline IntrusionGood2015
Quantitative Water BalanceGood2015
Chemical (GW)Good2015
Chemical Status elementGood2015
Chemical Dependent Surface Water Body StatusGood2015
Chemical Drinking Water Protected AreaGood2015
Chemical GWDTEs testGood2015
Chemical Saline IntrusionGood2015
General Chemical TestGood2015

Protected areas

PA NameIdDirectiveMore information
Mid DevonG18Nitrates Directive
Sidmouth To West BayUK0019864Special Area of ConservationNatural England
River Weaver NVZS537Nitrates Directive
BranscombeG17Nitrates Directive
Sidmouth-Honiton, Mercia MudstoneUKGB40802G802800Drinking Water Protected Area

Monitoring sites which have been used to classify this water body

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