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Real time flood monitoring data: Archives


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The measurement readings are archived daily as dump files in CSV format. Two formats are available.

The default short format provides just the readings each with a dateTime, value and measure. The measure URI can be used to determine the details of the measurement taken and the station it was taken at.

For convenience a full CSV format is also provided which includes all the information on the measure as additional CSV columns.

N.B.The archives for a given day are (now) not generated until 22:00 the following day. This is to allow late-arriving telemetry updates to be included. Archives prior to 2016-12-16 were generated earlier the following day and will be missing such late arriving telemetry, an omission which particularly affects groundwater data. In rare cases, e.g. if there are communications problems, telemetry may be delayed by several days. If necessary you can regenerate the data using the API (for any day still in the 28 window covered by the API) using:$date

Recent archives

2023-11-27 csv full csv
2023-11-26 csv full csv
2023-11-25 csv full csv
2023-11-24 csv full csv
2023-11-23 csv full csv
2023-11-22 csv full csv
2023-11-21 csv full csv
2023-11-20 csv full csv
2023-11-19 csv full csv
2023-11-18 csv full csv
2023-11-17 csv full csv

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