Defra Data Services Platform

Linked Data

The Defra Data Services Platform Linked Data Service is a pilot, providing access to a selection of Defra data published specifically as Linked Data.

Due to the way Linked Data is modelled, the structure of it is different to what you can find on the core Defra Data Services Platform.

If you would like to access Defra datasets as downloads, spatial services, interactive apps or programmatically via Linked Data APIs, visit the core Defra Data Services Platform, where a growing collection of data is available in these formats.

What can you do?

Get started by browsing the Datasets.

Reference data supporting these datasets can be accessed from the Reference tab.

Accessing data through SPARQL queries

You can access data programmatically through the SPARQL endpoint available in the Query tab.

SPARQL is the query language for RDF, the format data within this site is stored in. RDF is a standard model for data interchange on the web.

The help section explains how to use SPARQL.

Give us your feedback

This is a pilot service. Please use the feedback tool to let us know your thoughts.