Milk prices and composition of milk - annual statistics

Most milk produced in the UK is bought by dairies (registered ‘milk purchasers’) for processing.

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  1. TimeMeasure typeGeographyProteinPriceButterfatVolumePrice including bonus paymentsUnit of Measure
  2. 2003PriceUnited Kingdom18.01Pence per litre
  3. 1995PriceUnited Kingdom24.47Pence per litre
  4. 2005PriceUnited Kingdom18.46Pence per litre
  5. 1999PriceUnited Kingdom18.31Pence per litre
  6. 1998PriceUnited Kingdom19.26Pence per litre
  7. 1997PriceUnited Kingdom21.95Pence per litre
  8. 2002PriceUnited Kingdom17.05Pence per litre
  9. 2007PriceUnited Kingdom20.71Pence per litre
  10. 1996PriceUnited Kingdom24.87Pence per litre
  11. 2006PriceUnited Kingdom17.94Pence per litre
  12. 2000PriceUnited Kingdom16.92Pence per litre
  13. 2004PriceUnited Kingdom18.45Pence per litre

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