Milk prices and composition of milk - monthly statistics

Most milk produced in the UK is bought by dairies (registered ‘milk purchasers’) for processing.

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  1. TimeMeasure typeStatusGeographyPriceVolumeProteinButterfatUnit of Measure
  2. 1970-04PriceFinalisedUnited Kingdom3.73Pence per litre
  3. 1970-10PriceFinalisedUnited Kingdom4.24Pence per litre
  4. 1970-08PriceFinalisedUnited Kingdom3.71Pence per litre
  5. 1970-12PriceFinalisedUnited Kingdom4.38Pence per litre
  6. 1970-03PriceFinalisedUnited Kingdom4.07Pence per litre
  7. 1970-11PriceFinalisedUnited Kingdom4.23Pence per litre
  8. 1970-06PriceFinalisedUnited Kingdom2.86Pence per litre
  9. 1970-05PriceFinalisedUnited Kingdom2.9Pence per litre
  10. 1970-07PriceFinalisedUnited Kingdom3.31Pence per litre
  11. 1971-01PriceFinalisedUnited Kingdom4.35Pence per litre
  12. 1970-01PriceFinalisedUnited Kingdom4.08Pence per litre
  13. 1970-02PriceFinalisedUnited Kingdom4.09Pence per litre

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