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PRO Data Licence Information

Environment Agency Conditional Licence

The following Public Register data is available under the Environment Agency Conditional Licence.

However, you must first check the supporting information for the dataset you have downloaded to determine if the conditions on use are suitable for your purposes. If they aren’t, this information is not provided with a licence for use, and the data is provided for read right only.

Detailed information about these registers, including re-use conditions, can be found via the following links:

Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR)

Other registers

Special Conditions

Waste Carriers, Brokers, and Dealers

  1. You may use the Information for your internal or personal purposes and may only sublicense others to use it if you do so under a written licence which includes the terms of these conditions and the agreement and in particular may not allow any period of use longer than the period licensed to you.
  2. The period of permitted use is one year.
  3. We have restricted use of the Information as a result of legal restrictions placed upon us to protect the rights or confidentialities of others. If you contact us in writing (this includes email) we will, as far as confidentiality rules allow, provide you with details including, if available, how you might seek permission from a third party to extend your use rights.
  4. This condition does not apply if use is limited to use that is authorised by any statute or use that does not require a licence from us.

Water Quality Exemptions

  1. This Information may only be used by you: for the purposes of contract you have to do work for us and if you do not have a contract to do work for us no use is licensed and you are limited to use that is authorised by any statute or use that does not require a licence from us; and for your internal use only but this does not prevent you from passing it back to us or (subject to condition 2 below) to a subcontractor who complies with these conditions; and you destroy all copies of the Information at the end of the contract subject only to any retentions necessarily required by statute or otherwise by legal obligation but or for archive purposes for the sole purpose of addressing a complaint or challenge from a regulator or the National Audit Office in relation to your use of the Information provided that such continued retention shall not continue beyond termination pursuant to condition 2 below.
  2. The following conditions are applicable as a result of the Information containing Ordnance Survey Data: You will not supply the Information to any third party unless we expressly and separately authorize this in writing as a variation of your licence; This licence shall terminate on 31/03/2030 or on earlier termination of our arrangement with Ordnance Survey. We will attempt to give you three months’ notice of such termination; The restrictions and obligations in the Ordnance Survey Public Sector Geospatial Agreement Member Licence, a copy of which is available on the Ordnance Survey website, shall apply to you, including where applicable Appendix 3 thereof, in relation to any Royal Mail data; Rights that Ordnance Survey (and where applicable Royal Mail) reserve in the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement Member Licence are likewise reserved in this licence; Ordnance Survey has no liability towards you in relation to the Information or under the said Ordnance Survey PSGA Licence. This condition is entered into for the benefit of Ordnance Survey who shall have direct rights to enforce relevant provisions in this licence against you pursuant to the Contractor (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

Open Government Licence

The following Public Register data is available under the Open Government Licence. Detailed information about these Registers can be found via the following links: