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Permit number BB3806HZ/T001
Waste Management Licence No. 102957
Licence Holder Name R M Penny ( Plant Hire & Demolition ) Ltd
Site name Mitchells Elm Farm
Site type A25
Site Address Mitchells Elm Farm, Wanstrow, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 4SN
Site Postcode BA4 4SN
Site Grid Reference ST6956043042
Easting 369560
Northing 143042
Local Authority Mendip
Status Description Transferred
Issued Date 09/03/2012
Transfer Date 19/08/2014
Date Effective 20/08/2014
Permit number LP3037WG/A001
Waste Management Licence No. 402143
Licence Holder Name O' Donovan ( Waste Disposal ) Ltd
Site name The Yard
Site type A11
Site Address The Yard, Apleton Lane, Wembley, London, HA0 1EB
Site Postcode HA0 1EB
Site Grid Reference TQ1760582942
Easting 517605
Northing 182942
Local Authority Brent
Status Description Issued
Issued Date 15/06/2015
Permit number AP3137MC/S003
Waste Management Licence No. 67606
Licence Holder Name S R C L Limited
Site name Newcastle Clinical Waste Treatment Plant & Transfer Station
Site type A12
Site Address Units 2, Fisher Street Industrial Estat, Walker, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear, NE6 4LT
Site Postcode NE6 4LT
Site Grid Reference NZ2962265126
Easting 429622
Northing 565126
Local Authority Newcastle upon Tyne
Status Description Modified
Issued Date 07/06/1996
Variation Date 25/10/2016
Transfer Date 25/03/1999
Date Effective 26/03/1999
Permit number NP3090VP/A001
Waste Management Licence No. 101985
Licence Holder Name Solway Heat & Power Ltd
Site name Solway Heat And Power Ltd
Site type S1210
Site Address Kirkbride House, Kirkbride, Wigton, Cumbria, CA7 5JR
Site Postcode CA7 5JR
Site Grid Reference NY2314456228
Easting 323144
Northing 556228
Local Authority Allerdale
Status Description Issued
Issued Date 13/05/2015
Permit number GB3505GT/A001
Waste Management Licence No. 405065
Licence Holder Name Spencer Recycling Ltd
Site name Spencer Recycling
Site type A16
Site Address Unit 4, Weaver Industrial Estate, Blackburne Street, Speke, Merseyside, L19 8JA
Site Postcode L19 8JA
Site Grid Reference SJ4011283488
Easting 340112
Northing 383488
Local Authority Liverpool
Status Description Issued
Issued Date 21/03/2019
Permit number FB3604HT/T001
Waste Management Licence No. 105658
Licence Holder Name Gorst Energy O & M Ltd
Site name Mobile Plant Sr2010 No4
Site type SR/04
Site Address Mobile Plant
Local Authority East Devon
Status Description Transferred
Issued Date 02/08/2016
Transfer Date 30/10/2017
Date Effective 01/11/2017
Permit number ZP3295ZX/A001
Waste Management Licence No. 61297
Licence Holder Name Butterfield Stephen
Site name S Butterfield
Site type A05
Site Address Haigh Hall Farm, Batley Road, Tingley, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF3 1HA
Site Postcode WF3 1HA
Site Grid Reference SE2835224127
Easting 428352
Northing 424127
Local Authority Leeds
Status Description Closure
Issued Date 30/08/1989
Permit number RP3392FJ/A001
Waste Management Licence No. 40254
Licence Holder Name Hillwood Auto Engineering Ltd
Site name Hillwood Auto Engineering Ltd
Site type A19a
Site Address Bangley Farm, Hints Road, Mile Oak, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B78 3DJ
Site Postcode B78 3DJ
Site Grid Reference SK1726602885
Easting 417266
Northing 302885
Local Authority Lichfield
Status Description Issued
Issued Date 30/11/2005
Permit number FB3507CK/T001
Waste Management Licence No. 100692
Licence Holder Name Richmond Reclamation Limited
Site name L K A B Minerals Richmond Limited
Site type S0811
Site Address 318, Coleford Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S9 5NF
Site Postcode S9 5NF
Site Grid Reference SK3956888460
Easting 439568
Northing 388460
Local Authority Sheffield
Status Description Transferred
Issued Date 28/11/2008
Variation Date 16/08/2013
Transfer Date 02/11/2017
Date Effective 03/11/2017
Permit number TP3190VK/V002
Waste Management Licence No. 102404
Licence Holder Name Sandsfield Gravel Company Ltd
Site name Sandsfield Hull
Site type S0803
Site Address Unit 3, Reservoir Road, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU6 7QD
Site Postcode HU6 7QD
Site Grid Reference TA0997131616
Easting 509971
Northing 431616
Local Authority Kingston upon Hull, City of
Status Description Modified
Issued Date 22/02/2011
Variation Date 04/03/2011
Permit number CB3230DZ/A001
Waste Management Licence No. 103374
Licence Holder Name W I Scott Ltd
Site name Trebant Farm
Site type A25
Site Address Trebant Farm, Altarnun, Launceston, Cornwall, PL15 7RR
Site Postcode PL15 7RR
Site Grid Reference SX2359180394
Easting 223591
Northing 80394
Local Authority Cornwall
Status Description Issued
Issued Date 04/01/2012
Permit number NB3339AW/A001
Waste Management Licence No. 400070
Licence Holder Name R H Edmonds Limited
Site name R H Edmonds
Site type SR/21
Site Address Kent Estates, North Lendon, Tedburn St Mary, Exeter, Devon, EX6 6AW
Site Postcode EX6 6AW
Site Grid Reference SX8274492860
Easting 282744
Northing 92860
Local Authority Teignbridge
Status Description Issued
Issued Date 30/01/2013
Permit number HP3598ZP/V006
Waste Management Licence No. 61751
Licence Holder Name Keith Humphrey, Michael Humphrey & Roger Humphrey
Trading Name K M R Skip Hire
Site name Landfill Site
Site type A05
Site Address Land / Premises At, England Lane, Knottingley, West Yorkshire, WF11 0JA
Site Postcode WF11 0JA
Site Grid Reference SE4980023000
Easting 449800
Northing 423000
Local Authority Wakefield
Status Description Closure
Issued Date 27/11/1981
Variation Date 27/04/2015
Permit number DP3690NA/T002
Waste Management Licence No. 70214
Licence Holder Name Biffa Waste Services Ltd
Trading Name Biffa Waste Services Ltd
Site name St Neots Transfer Station
Site type A11
Site Address St Neots Transfer Station, Marston Road, St Neots, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, PE19 2SR
Site Postcode PE19 2SR
Site Grid Reference TL1930059500
Easting 519300
Northing 259500
Local Authority Huntingdonshire
Status Description Transferred
Issued Date 26/01/1978
Variation Date 26/03/1997
Transfer Date 04/03/2004
Date Effective 05/03/2004
Permit number XP3990ZK/A001
Waste Management Licence No. 60107
Licence Holder Name A Coxon
Trading Name T P Metals Skip Hire
Site name Richmond Street
Site type A11
Site Address Land/ Premises At, Richmond Street, Middlesbrough, Cleveland, TS2 1LN
Site Postcode TS2 1LN
Site Grid Reference NZ4915521125
Easting 449155
Northing 521125
Local Authority Middlesbrough
Status Description Issued
Issued Date 19/02/1990
Permit number AP3799ZQ/A001
Waste Management Licence No. 60883
Licence Holder Name Integrated Waste Management Ltd
Trading Name Waste Recycling Group Ltd
Site name Carnaby Landfill Site
Site type A04
Site Address Moor Lane, Carnaby, Bridlington, East Yorkshire, YO16 4UU
Site Postcode YO16 4UU
Site Grid Reference TA1540064600
Easting 515400
Northing 464600
Local Authority East Riding of Yorkshire
Status Description To PPC
Issued Date 07/12/1992
Permit number GB3807SG/A001
Waste Management Licence No. 405822
Licence Holder Name R L J J Recycling Ltd
Site name R L J J Ltd
Site type S1517
Site Address Yard, 5, Runwood Road, SS8 0PL
Site Postcode SS8 0PL
Site Grid Reference TQ7741132300
Easting 577411
Northing 132300
Local Authority Tunbridge Wells
Status Description Issued
Issued Date 07/03/2019
Permit number GB3004XN/A001
Waste Management Licence No. 404669
Licence Holder Name Churchill Enviro Ltd
Site name Buckton Vale Quarry - Western Rock Trap
Site type S1539
Site Address Carrbrook, Stalybridge, Cheshire, SK15 3RD
Site Postcode SK15 3RD
Site Grid Reference SD9903401623
Easting 399034
Northing 401623
Local Authority Tameside
Status Description Issued
Issued Date 15/04/2019
Permit number PP3397CL/V002
Waste Management Licence No. 54166
Licence Holder Name City Centre Commercials Ltd
Trading Name City Centre Commercials Ltd
Site name City Centre Commercials Ltd
Site type A11
Site Address Simonswood Industrial Estate, Off Stopgate Lane, Simonswood, Knowsley, Merseyside, L33 4YA
Site Postcode L33 4YA
Site Grid Reference SD4350000900
Easting 343500
Northing 400900
Local Authority West Lancashire
Status Description Transferred
Issued Date 11/05/1994
Variation Date 14/01/2000
Transfer Date 14/01/2000
Permit number XP3193FS/A001
Waste Management Licence No. 23691
Licence Holder Name Portland Stone Ltd
Site name Broadcroft ( Yeolands Quarry)
Site type A05
Site Address Broadcroft Quarry, Bumpers Lane, Wakeham, Portland, Dorset
Site Grid Reference SY6980071800
Easting 369800
Northing 71800
Local Authority Dorset
Status Description To PPC
Issued Date 13/07/2001