History of water-quality samples

Graphs showing recent water quality samples, by year of classification. During the May-September bathing water season, latest samples for this year will also be shown. Note that annual classifications are determined from a statistical analysis of the preceding four years' results.

Water-quality sample results in tabular form. The values show are numbers of bacterial colonies per 100ml of sampled water. Only data for the selected date range is displayed.

A list of historical abnormal situations for this bathing water. In an abnormal situation, water quality monitoring is suspended.

A list of previously issued 24-hour pollution risk forecasts for this bathing water, if it is part of the pollution-risk forecasting programme.

The data underlying this Bathing Water Quality tool is all freely and openly available under the terms of the Open Government License. You are welcome to access the APIs to retrieve data about bathing water sites and associated readings, or to run SPARQL queries to access the data store directly. Some useful reference documentation:

There is also information on the help pages of this application.

Example data access URLs

There are very many options for retrieving water quality data via the API. Listed below are some examples of commonly used patterns, customised for this bathing water. You can use these links to access the data directly, or use the link address as example patterns in the API.

Spreadsheet format
JSON format
Turtle format
API page
in-season sample assessments
latest sample assessment
latest pollution risk forecast