count qualifier codeset concept scheme

count qualifier code notation datatype

count qualifier notation


  • A boolean valued attribute to indicate that a sample assessment is eligible to be discounted (discountable=true) from annual Compliance Assessments. This attribute is updated throughout the season, and is required to show where a sample meets the criteria to be eligible for discounting. The absence of a value for this attribute indicates that a judgment on whether the sample is discountable is pending. This may occur several days after first publication of sample assessment result.
  • discountable


  • An boolean valued attribute on a discountable :SampleAssessment which indicates that it has been discounted (discounted=true) for use in annual Compliance Assessments. This attribute may be present on a discountable sample assessment. It reflects a descision made at the end of the season in which the sample was taken as to whether to actually discount (discounted=true) a discountable sample assessment from annual Compliance Assessments.
  • discounted

escherichia coli count

escherichia coli stats

faecal coliform count

faecal streptococci count

final sample date

first sample date

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intestinal enterococci count

intestinal enterococci stats

latest compliance assessment

latest sample assessment

latest step change

  • An open-domained property referencing the most recent relevant :StepChange typically associated with a :BathingWater or a :ComplianceAssessment. In the case of a :ComplianceAssessment, the reference is to the most recent :StepChange within the time interval covered by the assessment.
  • latestStepChange
  • latestStepChange

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more than

not assessed

not present


Presence indicator codeset concept scheme)

presence code notation datatype

presence notation



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