Trent - Tame to Dove Rivers Operational Catchment

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There are 2 water bodies in this operational catchment.

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    The catchment incorporates the River Trent between its confluences with the River Tame at Alrewas and the River Dove at Newton Solney and is characterized by sand and gravel extraction within the Trent floodplain. It includes the conurbation of Burton-on-Trent, where several breweries abstract groundwater from the Sherwood Sandstone. The Trent and Mersey canal joins the Trent for a short section at Alrewas and the entire catchment is within a Nitrate Vulnerable Zone. Water quality in the catchment is impacted by pressures originating from the upstream catchments of the River Tame and River Trent draining Birmingham and Stoke respectively.

    River Trent at the National Memorial Arboretum