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    The catchment is a unique collection of rivers, ranging from internationally rare chalk rivers in the north, to canals, rivers and lakes, which have been heavily influenced by gravel extraction and urban development to the south. The northern part of the catchment predominantly lies within the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, recognised as a landscape of national importance. Chalkstreams are an intrinsic part of this special landscape, and have a centuries old connection to the people and communities living, working and visiting in the area. Southwards, the catchment extends via a green/blue corridor and the Colne Valley Park, connecting to the urban populations in and around northwest London. The Park covers 40 square miles, and hosts a mosaic of farmland, woodland, 200 miles of rivers and canals and many lakes. As in the north of the catchment, the area is a living, working environment, providing employment and homes for people. Throughout the catchment there are delights and problems in equal measure. A majority of water for people and business is abstracted from important groundwater within the catchment. Some rivers are fed by this made worse and suffer from low flows during dry weather, something which is exacerbated by abstraction. In the future, the demand for water for people, business and the environment may well increase beyond the capacity available locally. River users, businesses and organisations are working together to identify ways of reducing abstraction, using water more wisely and improving the quantity and quality of water in the environment.

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