Challenges data for Soar Management Catchment

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Reasons for not achieving good (RNAG) and reasons for deterioration (RFD) record the source, activity and sector involved in causing an element to be at less than good status.

Find out more information on the challenges in the Summary of the draft river basin management plans document.

Reasons for not achieving good status by business sector

Issues preventing waters reaching good status and the sectors identified as contributing to them. The numbers in the table are individual counts of the reasons for not achieving good status in water bodies. There may be more than one reason in a single water body. Note, table does not include reasons for deterioration.

Significant water management issueChanges to the natural flow and level of waterInvasive non-native speciesPhysical modificationsPollution from abandoned minesPollution from rural areasPollution from towns, cities and transportPollution from waste water
Agriculture and rural land management00206400
Domestic general public0010080
Local & central government0010000
Mining and quarrying0000000
No sector responsible0000000
Sector under investigation0000000
Urban and transport00300210
Waste treatment and disposal0000000
Water Industry00300070

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Reasons for not achieving good (RNAG) and reasons for deterioration (RFD) data.