New Forest - Hatchet Sowley Operational Catchment

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There are 5 water bodies in this operational catchment.

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    The headwaters of the streams rise in mires across Beaulieu Heath, in the south of the catchment, passing through a mixture of open forest and small areas of farmland, and woodland. Two branches of the Sowley Stream discharge into the Sowley Pond, which is used for irrigation, before flowing into and past Sowley Marsh Lagoon to the Solent. Hatchet Stream passes through Hatchet Pond, eventually discharging into the lower part of the Beaulieu estuary, near to Black Water Lagoons. The Dark Water, flowing from Holbury to the Solent, to the east of Beaulieu estuary, is already at good ecological status.

    Looking across the popular Hatchet Pond towards the car park