Find out about flood risk management plans

Welcome to Flood Plan Explorer. This website presents the objectives and measures for the second cycle Flood Risk Management Plans (FRMPs). You can find out more about the plans on the Defra website.

Important information about measures

Note: FRMP measures are strategic by nature, and should not be interpreted to be providing protection or flood risk reduction at a detailed level, for example on a property basis. The measure information reflects the situation at the time of publication, this includes the outcomes that could be achieved. These outcomes may change, particularly where measures are in the early stages of development and opportunities and risks are not confirmed. Not all measures have secured funding and so they're not all guaranteed to be implemented. All measures on the Flood Plan Explorer apply to England only.

Measures are applied at various scales on the Flood Plan Explorer. See the relevant plan for more details or browse different scales in the same area to find further measures. All maps can be opened in a larger full screen view using the button beneath the zoom controls for easier navigation.


River Basin Districts

A River Basin District (RBD) is an area covering one or more river catchments.