Classifications data for England

Classification data is a method for distinguishing the environmental condition or "status" of water bodies and putting them into one category or another.

Number of water bodies

Water body categoriesNaturalArtificialHeavily modifiedTotal
River, canals and surface water transfers254626411183928

Ecological status for surface waters

Ecological status or potentialBadPoorModerateGoodHighTotal
Number of water bodies137794296275444651
Number of water body elements6372505501956502715040961

Chemical status for surface waters

Chemical statusFailGoodTotal
Number of water bodies464904649
Number of water body elements106685454065208

Why do all water bodies have a chemical status of fail?

Quantitative status for groundwater

Quantitative statusPoorGoodTotal
Number of water bodies72199271
Number of water body elements939911084

Chemical status for groundwater

Chemical statusPoorGoodTotal
Number of water bodies149122271
Number of water body elements23311221355